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About Me

My name is Luis Cayetano. My background is in evolutionary biology and ecology. However, I also have an interest in many fringe topics such as UFOs, though my main interest therein relates more to the social, political and psychological aspects than to the "UFOs" themselves. While I think that life is probably widespread in the universe, I don't think that we have been visited by extraterrestrials. This is for a number of reasons that I can explore, but it isn't the main focus of this website.

I have become aware of a corrupt, and in some cases even fascist and neo-Nazi contingent within this "field", as in other "fields" of the paranormal and supernatural. This corruption extends from financial fraud all the way to cults and human exploitation - including child molestation. I happen to believe that if someone prioritizes their devotion to UFOs at the expense of concern for innocent victims, they have become enablers of abuse and should not be considered rational human beings.

I should mention that I do not think that all of "ufology" is corrupt in the aforementioned way, but much of it, unfortunately, seems to be, and this is not in my view merely incidental. It is structurally tied to "ufology's" need to push pseudoscience in order to sustain itself, and it will thereby inevitably gravitate towards trying to undermine material science and its procedures of investigation, and will attract many people driven by ugly motivations, few of which have anything ultimately to do with UFOs. Some of these people will use UFOs and related "phenomena" as a wedge with which to smuggle in racial chauvinism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy and assorted other filth. These are the issues and problem that this website will address and tackle.

My YouTube channel is at Luis Cayetano - YouTube

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