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  • Luis Cayetano

Bob Lazar's litany of lies and whoppers

Updated: Feb 26

This article contains an extensive but by no means comprehensive list of reasons why Bob Lazar's story is crap. It was compiled over a period of some two years or so through ongoing incremental contributions by me and other people on YouTube (including "Robert Dillahuntsville", "FlipMode", "planetcheck", Peter Wikvist and others). There are many links and resources in this article. Please let me know if you encounter a broken link and/or know of a replacement.

On element 115 ("Moscovium" or "ununpentium"):

-- Lazar did not discover it (as he claimed to in a 1992 video called "UFOs and the Alien Presence"), nor (contrary to the suppositions of many of his fans and supporters) was he the first to talk about it: it was already being discussed and theorized about in the scientific literature WELL BEFORE he came out with his story (see extensive scientific references below showing papers and reports dating from 1973 onwards). Nor was he the first to talk about the “island of stability”, a famous concept in physics that was being talked about at least as far back as 1969 (see list of references below).

-- The things he's said about it have NOT been confirmed by science. Quite the opposite, actually. He claimed it was a “stable element” (his exact words from an early interview: "Element 115 is a stable element" and “Element 115 is a strictly alien element”). All the isotopes of element 115 that have so far been synthesized are highly unstable, with half-lives in the hundreds of milliseconds:

-- How does the synthesis of unstable isotopes in a lab on Earth in 2003 somehow validate his story if he claims that he dealt with stable isotopes likely acquired from the supernova remnants of stars?

-- He played no role whatsoever in the eventual synthesis of element 115 in 2003. He has refused, for over 32 years, to stand in front of a scientific committee or even a qualified scientist to discuss his supposed knowledge about it, even though his contribution - if genuine - could have earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and thereby validated and further publicized his story to the very scientific community whose interests he claims to represent.

-- He has provided no evidence at all that he ever worked with any variant of element 115. He claims that he can’t even remember whether he saw a spectrograph of it at “S4” (see further below for details about his 1993 press Q & A in Rachel, Nevada). He has presented no physical samples, despite hinting that he smuggled some of it out of “S4” (also alluded to in press Rachel Q & A).

-- Currently, science does not know what element 115's emission spectrum looks like. This precludes searching for it in celestial objects and potentially validating Lazar's supposition that it may occur naturally as a result of supernovae. Conveniently, Lazar himself has claimed that he does "not remember" what it looks like from the "tests" that were supposedly run on it at "S4".

-- “Predicting” an element is as easy as looking at a periodic table, noting which element currently has the highest atomic number on the table, and then adding a few spaces to it. Watch: I predict that someday, element 120 will be synthesized. Does that make me a physicist?

-- Many other people were predicting that it would eventually be synthesized - a sensible supposition given that throughout the 20th century, various elements that are not known to naturally occur were indeed synthesized. Between 1994 and 2003, seven elements other than 115 were produced in labs around the world, highlighting that this is part of a pattern of discovery in which these sorts of milestones are to be expected: In other words, element 115 was bound to be synthesized sooner or later, and it wouldn’t have taken much physics acumen to know this.

In short, Lazar's story demonstrates no special knowledge on his part about element 115. His story contributes no scientific knowledge whatsoever to physics or chemistry.

Here is a list of scientific papers and reports from actual scientists mentioning or discussing element 115 (or "eka-bismuth" as it used to be known) well before Lazar came out with his story in May 1989 (if you encounter any broken links, please inform me but also consult this Google drive link for the PDF files):

Here's a paper from 1973 mentioning element 115 multiple times:

Seaborg, G. (1973). STATUS REPORT ON THE TRANSURANIUM ELEMENTS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Here's one from 1974 specifically dealing with element 115:

Predicted properties of the superheavy elements. III. Element 115, Eka-bismuth

O. L. Keller Jr., C. W. Nestor Jr., and Burkhard Fricke

The Journal of Physical Chemistry 1974, 78(19), pp.1945-1949

A paper from 1975 with a section devoted to element 115:

Fricke B. (1975) Superheavy elements - a prediction of their chemical and physical properties.

In: Recent Impact of Physics on Inorganic Chemistry. Structure and Bonding, vol 21. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg

A paper from 1976 discussing element 115 (among other elements):

Fricke, B. & McMinn, J.

Chemical and physical properties of superheavy elements

Naturwissenschaften (1976) 63: 162.

A paper from 1978 mentioning it:

Seaborg, G. (1978). SUPERHEAVY ELEMENTS - A CROSSROADS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. LBNL Report #: LBL-7761.

A paper from 1979 mentioning it twice:

Seaborg, G. (1979). THE PERIODIC TABLE TORTUOUS PATH TO MAN-MADE ELEMENTS. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Reprinted from CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS, Vol. 57, April 16, 1979, pp. 46-52.

A paper from 1981 mentioning it multiple times:

Bonchev, Danail; Kamenska, Verginia (1981).

"Predicting the Properties of the 113-120 Transactinide Elements". Journal of Physical Chemistry. American Chemical Society. 85 (9): 1177-1186.

A Scientific American article from 1989 also mentioning it and alluding to the "island of stability" that Lazar alludes to was published in May 1989, weeks before Lazar came out with his story:

Creating Superheavy Elements

Peter Armbruster and Gottfried Manzenberg

Scientific American

Vol. 260, No. 5 (MAY 1989), pp. 66-75

Published by: Scientific American, a division of Nature America, Inc.

Blog reader Peter Wikvist notes: "Robert Lazar never pointed to any protocols or safety measures. Neither international, domestic or internal. Had Lazar touched element 115, he would have been exposed to radiation." Of course, as noted, Lazar claims to have dealt with a stable isotope of element 115, but no such isotope has been confirmed to exist, and there would indeed surely be stringent safety protocols for the handling of an exotic substance, especially if it had the sorts of extraordinary gravitational properties that Lazar ascribes to it.

More on Lazar's element 115 claims can be found in this video:

Here is a list of scientific papers and reports from actual scientists mentioning or discussing the island of stability before Lazar ever mentioned it:

A paper from 1969:

Nilsson, Sven Gösta (1969).

New regions of stability.

Proceedings of the International Conference on properties of nuclear states.

Pp. 149-174

Another paper from 1969:

S.G. Nilsson, S.G. Thompson, C.F. Tsang,

Stability of superheavy nuclei and their possible occurrence in nature,

Physics Letters B, Volume 28, Issue 7, 1969,

Pages 458-461, ISSN 0370-2693,

A paper from 1970:

Self-Consistent Calculations of Shell Effects Including the Proposed Island of Stability

W. H. Bassichis and A. K. Kerman

Phys. Rev. C 2, 1768 – Published 1 November 1970

Another paper from 1970:

Weyer, W. The problem of stability at superheavy nuclei.

Z. Physik 232, 231–238 (1970).

A paper from 1985:

Lougheed, R W, Landrum, J H, Hulet, E K, Wild, J F, Dougan, R J, Dougan, A D, Gaeggeler, H, Schaedel, M, Moody, K J, & Gregorich, K E.

Search for superheavy elements using the /sup 48/Ca+/sup 254/Es/sup g/ reaction. United States.

A paper from 1986:

Magda, M.T., & Sandulescu, A. (1978).

Critical angular momentum dependence of the fission barriers and the stability of superheavy nuclei (IFIN-NP--6-1978). Romania

This Google drive contains most of these papers, along with other documents debunking Lazar's claims:

The hand-scanner:

Many of his fans point to the hand-scanner that Lazar talks about that, to them, "proves he worked at S4". Unfortunately, this device was already publicly available knowledge by the early 1970s. It appears in electronics catalogs of the time, such as this July 1973 issue of Radio-Electronics:

(original link was at but this appears to be a broken link now). A discussion of the IDENTimat hand-scanner is on the 8th page of the file, along with a photo of it. The device also appeared in the 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (, a film which itself has several aspects that are suspiciously similar to Lazar’s story (see further below). Here is a newspaper story about the hand-scanner from 1972:

Here's the reference of a report from 1972 about the scanner: Kibbler, G.O.T.H, Evaluation of the Identimat 2000 Hand Geometry Identifier, Mitre Corp., Oct., 1972 (if anyone has the original copy or a scan or a URL for it, please contact me).

Here's a presentation by a biometrics expert at San Jose State University talking about the history of bio-scanners in the US, referencing the aforementioned report on slide 8 along with some of its findings: (original link was at but this appears to be a broken link now).

The reference to Zeta Reticuli:

This was lifted straight from the Betty and Barney Hill case. That case has, by the way, been thoroughly discredited (in so far as being an actual encounter with extraterrestrials; this is not to dismiss the reality of their experience, whatever it might have been). The initial analysis by Marjorie Fish using the then-latest star distance catalog was rendered invalid due to updated star distance measurements taken by the European Space Agency’s Hipparcos satellite, thereby negating the alignment of the Hill “star map” with Fish’s 3D model of a Milky Way star cluster. What are the odds that among the many millions of star systems in the Milky Way galaxy, that ZR just HAPPENS to be the one that turns out to have aliens after all, AFTER being discredited as the source of the Betty "aliens", and that this star system just HAPPENS to be the one that is already well known among alien abduction believers from a famous alien abduction case? Lazar says that he read about the ZR connection in a "briefing document" and that he can't personally vouch for the authenticity of the actual claims made in it. In other words, it's nonsense in any case, and is an example of how Lazar hedges his claims against scrutiny by always adding in caveat (if it turns out to be true, he can say, “See? I told you”, and if it doesn’t, he can say “Well I never said that; the briefing document did”). By the time Lazar came out with his story, Zeta Reticuli had become a staple of alien and UFO lore, getting a mention in the 1979 film “Alien” and in the 1988 TV special “UFO Cover-up? Live!” (mentioned further below)

We must also keep in mind the shady backdrop of items leading up to Lazar's story in the form of Linda Moulton Howe's alleged correspondences with Richard Doty in the early 1980s, who may have furnished her with notions about Zeta Reticulan extraterrestrials during the formation of the "Serpo" story (a saga that would reach maturity in 2005 when the name "Serpo" was publicized in an email list run by Victor Martinez. There is widespread agreement that the Serpo story was largely the work of former AFOSI agent Doty, who has gained infamy in ufological circles for his alien-themed capers and fabrications, including his role in driving businessman and alien-invasion believer Paul Bennewitz to near-insanity as part of an apparent disinformation campaign). According to Howe:

I learned back in the 1983-1984 time period about an alleged exchange program of humans leaving Holloman AFB on April 25, 1964, for Zeta Reticuli with non-humans while I was working on a Home Box Office television special entitled, "UFOs: The E. T. Factor."

Howe, in turn, would correspond with John Lear, who would ultimately pass on stories about Zeta Reticuli to Lazar. See and %2313 587/Part0004/CIA-RDP96-00792R000400300004-7.TXT for more backstory about Serpo, Doty, Howe and John Lear. The connection of Howe, Lear and Doty to claims about Zeta Reticuli was suggested by blog reader Peter Wikvist, who also notes:

"Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary star system. The pair is separated at 0.06 light-years or 3,750 times the distance of the Earth to the Sun. We can see the two stars separately with our unaided eye as they shine between the 5th and 6th magnitude. A debris disk was observed in Zeta 2 Reticuli by the Herschel Space Observatory in 2010. However, It was later found out that it was merely a matter of confusion in the background. No extrasolar planets, or planets outside the Solar System, have been found in this star system. -

"The following is from a Wikipedia article:

Zeta Reticuli has no known extrasolar planets. In 2002, ζ1 was examined at an infrared wavelength of 25 μm, but no indication of an excess of infrared radiation was found.

In 2007, the Spitzer Space Telescope was used to find an apparent infrared excess at a wavelength of 70 μm around ζ2. This radiation was attributed to emission by a debris disk with a mean temperature of 150 K (−123 °C), theorized to be orbiting the host star at a distance of 4.3 AU.[27] In 2010, the Herschel Space Observatory, a telescope with a comparatively superior spatial resolution and, unlike Spitzer, able to resolve radiation excesses beyond the wavelength of 70 μm, determined the infrared excess as coming from a two-lobed structure that looked like a debris disk seen edge-on. This debris disk interpreted as an analogy to the Kuiper belt with a semi-major axis of 100 AU and a temperature of 30–40 K.

However, observations with ALMA from October and November 2017 revealed that the structure observed by Herschel shows no common proper motion with Zeta Reticuli. In these observations, no significant flux has been detected around ζ2, showing that the alleged debris disk is not real, but rather a case of background confusion. The observations demonstrate the need to follow up Herschel observations of debris disks.

Indeed, the catalog, which lists all confirmed and candidate exoplanets, has no entries for Zeta Reticuli.

The "explosion from cutting into an alien reactor” story:

This was likely copied from actual incidents in 1945 & 1946 known as the "Demon Core incidents" (, in which physicists and technicians were manipulating plutonium cores of atomic bombs, leading to the deaths of two physicists shortly thereafter and possibly contributing to the deaths of other people at various times afterwards from the radiation exposure. The incidents led to the creation of a proper system of safety protocols for dealing with nuclear materials. This is well known to anyone interested in nuclear weapons and technology. Here is Lazar’s reconstruction of the alien drive:

A model of the upper segment of the "alien reactor" that Lazar describes as powering the "sport model saucer. Image source:

"A re-creation of the experiment involved in the 1945 incident. The sphere of plutonium is surrounded by neutron-reflecting tungsten carbide blocks." Image source: Los Alamos National Laboratories (;

Incidentally, the Demon Core incidents occurred at Los Alamos, where Lazar worked as a technician. The semi-spherical look of the reactor in Lazar’s story might also have been inspired by the under-side protuberances of the George Adamski scout craft saucer (mentioned below):

George Adamski's "scout craft", flown by Nordic-looking extraterrestrials he described as coming from the planet Venus. These craft served as inspiration for Billy Meier's "beamships" (see further below about Lazar's "sport model saucer" and his association with John Lear, who promotes Billy Meier). Note also the three protuberances underneath the saucer, matching the number of gravity-emitters/waveguides in Lazar's "sport model". Image source:

Why three gravity emitters/waveguides?

As mentioned above, the "scout craft" of George Adamki's Nordic-looking Venusian "Orthon" had three underside protuberances. Another possibility for the origin of Lazar's claims that the sport model possessed three emitters/waveguides is courtesy of blog reader Peter Wikvist. He suggests that Lazar got the idea to have three emitters from the failed Canadian/US project "Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar". The Avrocar had three engines: The program was canceled in December 1961. It had three Continental J69-T9 turbojets. The Avrocar VZ-9AV was on display at the Air Force Museum, Fort Eustis in Virginia. Air Enthusiast International, June 1974, had an article on Avrocar where the three engines are mentioned.

Claims about “archeological digs”:

In the famous 2019 Joe Rogan Experience interview in which Lazar appears with Jeremy Corbell (, Lazar claims to have some recollection of being told by "Barry" that one of the saucers at "S4" had been excavated during an "archaeological dig." This is clearly yet another recycled story drawing upon a common trope, likely the ancient astronauts ideas of Erik von Daniken's thoroughly discredited 1968 book "Chariots of the Gods" (which was also made into a documentary), which put forth the "Ancient Astronauts" hypothesis for extraterrestrial visitation during antiquity, and the work of Zecharia Sitchin, another Ancient Astronauts proponent. It could even be drawn from the 1987 novel by Steven King titled "The Tommyknockers", or from the well-known 1982 sci-fi film "The Thing" (both these stories deal with alien intelligences that have been unearthed and reanimated by people stumbling upon them. "The Thing" even has a scene in which there is an alien flying saucer that was excavated from the ice and is reputed to have been buried for “over 100,000 years”: Another movie that featured a spacecraft underground was 1967’s “Quatermass and the Pit” (released as “Five Millions Years To Earth” in the US) in which an alien craft is unearthed in Britain. Likewise, the Ancient Astronauts hypothesis, the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film "2001: A Space Odyssey", and the 1988 UFO TV special “UFO Cover-Up? Live!” (see further below) could have inspired Lazar's claim that he read, in a "briefing document", that aliens had “modified 65 sites in our DNA”. In truth, UFO lore at the time was already littered with allusions to aliens interbreeding with humans in the ancient past. Of course, Lazar makes no mention of WHERE in our genomes these purported "modifications" were made, or what their effects were. What chromosomes were involved, for example? What was the nature of these alterations (were they single nucleotide substitutions, or gene duplications, or what? What proteins are involved? Needless to say, there's ZERO evidence that aliens have altered our DNA in any way, shape or form). Other possible sources for the archaeological digs claim include a story that an artificial chamber is under the Sphinx in Egypt, and a claim from Billy Meier’s mythos that there is a chamber under Cheops’ pyramid. On this score, it should also be noted how prominently ancient Egypt has featured in Ancient Astronauts lore.

Lazar’s archeological digs claim seems to be a relatively recent addition to his fable. He did not convey it in his early interviews. Therefore, it could also be inspired by more recent sci-fi items like the 1994 film “Stargate” (in which a wormhole device is unearthed in Egypt and used by the military to travel to a distant planet in another solar system), an episode of "The X-Files" where a craft is unearthed in a beach in Africa, and the 1998 film of "The X Files" in which a gigantic flying saucer lifts up from under the Antarctic ice:

Lazar's friend John Lear could also have furnished him with material alluding to flying saucers being dug up (or dug back into the ground, depending on the myth). These excerpts are from a 1988 piece by Lear titled "The UFO Cover-Up" (

One saucer was so enormous and the logistical problems in transportation so enormous that it was buried at the crash site and remains there today.

...Another [witness] saw a saucer being trucked into the Nevada Test Site in March of 1988. Still another informant witnessed a saucer being buried at that location during the second week of August, 1988.

Thanks to YouTube user FlipMode for this one: Lazar doesn’t even entertain the notion of contamination protocols:

He doesn’t mention whether the ship had been disinfected of any alien pathogens before humans were allowed to clamber around inside of it, pull pieces from it, etc. The possibility of such pathogens must surely weigh heavily in the minds of any organization involved in recovering alien technology and would follow the precedent of space missions undertaken by the United States. The Apollo astronauts had to undergo a period of quarantine after returning from the moon on the off chance that they might be harboring alien pathogens. The Viking landers that traveled to Mars underwent major decontamination procedures to ensure that any terrestrial organisms didn’t hitch a ride and compromise the results of its life-detection experiments. Yet Lazar doesn’t allude to even a hint of any safety protocols or procedures for dealing with any of the 9 flying saucers he supposedly saw at “S4”.

It's abundantly obvious that someone like Lazar would have been seen as a security liability by his purported handlers from day one:

Given his marital issues, dire financial troubles throughout much of the 1980s (for which he had to eventually declare bankruptcy), and tendency for exaggeration, self-promotion, and lies, Lazar was a poor fit for any highly classified program, regardless of his credentials (which are themselves highly suspect; see further below). Such people are seen as being easily manipulated by enemy intelligence agencies and as a likely source for leaks. And this is even before we consider his close association with the known UFO fanatic John Lear. In other words, we’re being asked by Lazar to believe that the US military knowingly hired someone who would have clearly been a KGB/GRU magnet. He then affirms that he’s exactly the sort of person who wouldn’t be chosen for such projects when he purports that he squealed to his friends, drove around with “MJ-12” license plates on his Corvette (see further below), invested in and helped run brothels, and lied about his education.

He made lots of nonsensical claims about “particle accelerators” when he was younger, getting basic principles of chemistry wrong. His claims of having “built a particle accelerator” remain uncorroborated (a small hand-sized cyclotron accelerator can be built quite easily by anyone who is a hobbyist, but he certainly never built anything very impressive when it comes to such devices). He seems to imply that hydrogen-powered cars are an easily attainable mode of transportation, despite the scientifically established principle that extraction of hydrogen is, at present, prohibitively energetically expensive and cannot be done on the cheap, certainly not by using a particle accelerator. Lazar provides no technical, mathematically rigorous detail for his chemistry and hydrogen propulsion claims, nor has he published any studies in any scientific or engineering journals where he elucidates any such details. He has no patents or inventions to his name and has presented no material at any innovation or technology conferences, despite claims by his fans to the effect that he is a "genius with propulsion systems". Needless to say, his company, United Nuclear, doesn't sell hydrogen in bulk, and he has pioneered no energy revolution.

A common trope among Lazar’s fans is that physicist Dr. Robert Krangle recalls, in an interview with Jeremy Corbell, seeing Lazar at LANL and thinks that he worked there as a physicist:

However, Krangle's basis for this belief is wafer thin: Lazar "dressed nerdy" by having pens in his shirt pocket, and Krangle claims that he recalls seeing him at a "security briefing." Krangle in no way, shape or form purports to know what Lazar was working on and can only offer a fuzzy memory of being told that Lazar was involved in a "something project". In other words, he has no idea what Lazar actually did, and has only a hunch based on a vague memory of him. See a challenge to the Krangle narrative here and why it most certainly does NOT lend credibility to Lazar's claims of having been a physicist at LANL.

Lazar couldn't name his "supervisors" at Caltech and MIT, instead naming people who never worked at these institutions:

Nor has he ever detailed the results from his “MIT master's thesis”, and the topic of his “MIT master’s thesis” (magnetohydrodynamics) was chosen so that he could flex his UFO credentials to the UFO crowd. Lazar's credentials from prestigious institutions are oddly uncorroborated by ANY certificates, documents, papers, momentos, year book mentions, photos with colleagues, graduation gowns, letters of congratulations, colleagues vouching for him, or draft or final copies of his theses - documents that should be in his own possession (the excuse that "the government wiped his records" doesn't work, because here I'm referring to documents that should be in Lazar's own possession AFTER being issued to him by the relevant institutions and BEFORE he supposedly worked at "S4”). What were the discoveries or implications of his research? How and with whom did he share these results with? Even his close friend and associate George Knapp has asked him to come clean on his credentials so that people can stop discrediting him on this score, but Lazar refuses to do so and clings to the story that he has two master's degrees. Lazar cannot even VERBALLY DESCRIBE from his OWN MEMORY any concrete details, results or discoveries pertaining to these "degrees". Are we to believe that the government therefore also "wiped his memory"? And that they crawled into the basements and attics of MIT and CalTech alumni in possession of the year books (issued in the early 1980s when Lazar supposedly attended these institutions) and then “erased” his name from them? Such a feat might be possible - if yearbooks came fitted with tracking devices.

The supposed topic of his “MIT master's thesis” was magnetohydrodynamics, a field of study which had by then become a fairly common trope in UFOlogy as a purported means for flying saucer propulsion:

Clearly, Lazar was trying to flex his “credentials” to people in this crowd to curry their favor and use the topic of his “degree” as an emotional and narrative hook. Note how he simultaneously claims to have a degree that focuses on a UFO-relevant topic, while also saying that “they could have chosen someone more qualified than me.” This is akin to a tacit admission that he has no such degree (for if he actually did, why would he allude to himself as being under-qualified? Wasn’t he also a “physicist” at LANL?) but that he wants to exploit the trope to make himself seem more “credible” to those who might believe him. This is another example of Lazar talking out of both sides of his mouth, hedging his claims against scrutiny by using excuses (“They wiped my records”) while also trying to appear above-board, humble and open.

He was friends with UFO fanatic John Lear BEFORE coming out with his story:

Lear was into all kinds of stories, including those about alien/government conspiracies, secret underground bases, and the like. Lazar is also closely associated with George Knapp (who interviewed Lear in 1987; see below), who has a stake in perpetuating the story in order to protect his own reputation and who claims to be in possession of a "video showing element 115", but "doesn't know where it is" because of all the "boxes of crap" in his house (a point that eerily mirrors how Eduard “Billy” Meier, who would come to be promoted by Lear, “lost” the “original scrolls of the Talmud Immanuel”, Meier’s fabricated religious foundational text that he claims was excavated in 1963 by an “Iraqi priest”. Knapp’s excuse for being unable to cough up the “video tape showing element 115” might well be inspired by Meier’s excuse for his “Talmud Immanuel”, though, more likely, it might simply be a separately concocted form of the same get-out-of-jail card pulled by “disclosure activists” who, when they are asked to cough up the goods, stretch it out into drama and theater instead of just providing proof. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for Knapp’s credibility. Lear repeated Lazar’s fanciful claims that he was brought in to tell the physicists at “S4” what chemical element they were dealing with (this is a narrative Lazar invokes in his 1993 Nevada press Q & A; see further below for more details). Lazar was also friends with Gene Huff, another UFO enthusiast and Lazar's business associate who co-produced the film "The Lazar Tape and Excerpts from the Government Bible" (which he and Lazar sold on VHS for $29.95 back in the day). Huff is one of the people whom Lazar supposedly "showed test flights of flying saucers" to. In this piece, Knapp himself says that there are no size references in those “recorded test flights”:

Lazar is now closely associated with Jeremy Corbell, another peddler of nonsense and pseudoscience:

Lazar’s fans claim that he "doesn't associate with the UFO community", even as he gives speaking tours to UFO conventions, relies upon UFO-affiliated people to promote and "validate" his story and to keep him relevant, litters his own story with UFO lore, and sells flying saucer merchandise on his company’s website.

The government supposedly allowed him to work on their most sensitive project and assigned him to a flying saucer that just HAPPENED to look virtually identical to a “Type 1 Beam Ship” Billy Meier dinner plate saucer:

We’re also being asked to believe that Lazar knew the "test flight schedule" - yet he didn't know the pilots involved or how they flew the craft, and that he was "reprimanded" for getting too close to the other saucers.

More on Lear’s claims from a 1987 interview with George Knapp: “The government has retrieved between 10 and 15 actual flying saucers, three of which have been in perfect condition, one of which they tried to fly”. Lazar claims that he saw nine flying saucers at “S4” and that one showed signs of damage from firearms. A depiction of an alien Gray. In Lazars’ telling, the aliens were the Grays that had become iconic by then, thanks in part to Whitley Strieber's 1987 book "Communion". “...nor are we able to figure out how they are propelled.” Lazar’s supposed role at “S4” was to help reverse engineer the propulsion system of the “sport model saucer”. “I don’t know the extent to which they [POTUS] are informed. Privately, I don’t believe they are given the full briefing. The people that control this information is an organization that we know of as MJ-12.” Lazar mentions “briefing documents” in his story and includes “MAJ” on his “reconstructed-from-memory S4 security card.” “In fact, in Cro-Magnon Man, there may have been some tinkering to make us what we are today. And that’s been borne out by several researchers, that we couldn’t have developed the missing link, something had to happen to get us going.” Lazar claims that the read briefing documents in which it was mentioned that aliens had modified 65 sites in our DNA and turned us into humans from a “simian ancestor”. Interestingly, in this interview Lear disavows Meier and says that the Meier photos of flying saucers are baloney. Later on, in other interviews, Lear was an advocate of Meier. “I’m sure they do [have flying saucers in Nevada] up at the test site. There’s a report that of the 3 that they got in perfectly good condition, at least one is up at the test site and has flown and one has flown as of 1981.” Lazar claims that he worked at “S4”, which he claims is at Papoose, part of the Nevada Test Site, and that the “sport model” was flown there.

Lazar’s claim that Soviet scientists were invited to take part in the reverse engineering program:

They weren’t. Soviet inspectors were at the Nevada Test Site to inspect compliance with arms control agreements between the US and the USSR, not to assist with reverse engineering classified technology:

The Joint Verification Experiment project (signed in 1988, the year before Lazar came out with his story) was set up to verify the yield of nuclear explosions by both sides; the presence of Soviets at the NTS as part of this program had nothing whatsoever to do with flying saucers, alien technology or element 115.

Lazar is a fan of sports cars, bombs, explosions and rockets:

In the VHS tape film "The Lazar Tape and Excerpts from the Government Bible", he literally arrives in the first few seconds in a sport model Corvette, which incidentally had license plates saying “MJ-12” on them: you can just about make it as his Corvette is pulling in:; also here, in the 1993 Nevada press Q & A session, with the camera zooming into his license plate: And here again, in a documentary called "Dreamland: The Story of Bob Lazar and Area 51": Evidently, he saw the whole thing as a joke. What sort of a calm, unassuming, honest and straight-shooting whistle-blower and physicist, which many of his fans seem to think he is, is going to engage in this type of showboating, especially after his life has been “threatened”? As mentioned, his "sport model saucer" is almost identical to a Billy Meier saucer. Indeed, Lazar has said precisely that (see link below). It's not hard to figure out, given his own personal predilection for sports and jet-propelled cars, and his association with Lear and Huff, where he got the inspirations both for its name and its appearance from. There were also a wealth of UFO related documentaries and TV specials that pre-date his story and that mentioned Meier. Lear was heavily invested in espousing the credibility of Meier (as mentioned, however, this was not initially the case) and defended him even within the UFO community, who by then mostly viewed Meier a fraud and con artist. Lazar has himself said in an early interview that the "sport model saucer looks astonishingly similar" to the Billy Meier saucer (timestamp here: Even the top black ring and the lower three rings of both saucers (the Meier saucer and the sport model saucer as sold by the Testors Toy Model company in 1996 after being consulted about the shape by Lazar) are the same. It's worth repeating that for Lazar's story to be true, it would have to mean that he was chosen to work on a craft that just happens to look virtually identical to a demonstrably fake dinner plate saucer promoted by a cult leader who was promoted by Lear. Lazar's mention of Meier and how the sport model saucer looks “astonishingly similar” to the Meier saucer is basically an open admission of fraud and yet another example of his plagiarism of UFO lore.

He talks about an "S4" facility at Papoose Dry Lake where "nine flying saucers were kept" - except that no such facility exists:

Civilian overflights near the lake have reported no base "dug into the side of the mountain". How does the government acquire all these saucers? If nine saucers are in the possession of the US government, wouldn't this suggest that these craft are rather easily obtainable? If so, why is there no evidence that other nations possess them? Why don't we find reports of crashed or marooned saucers from people before the 20th century? Where's the evidence of any archaeological digs from anywhere in the world that recovered them? Why haven't any diggers or archaeologists ever come forward? And if these digs happened in other countries, then this only compounds the logistical problems of maintaining the supposed secrecy surrounding them by necessarily having to initiate more parties into the conspiracy, of ensuring everyone's silence, and of making sure that no leaks occur in any country.

Most likely, he was plagiarizing the name of an “Site 4” facility at Tonopah Test Range (which is miles away from Papoose Mountain): Here he is himself referring to a Site 4 at TTR on the Billy Goodman Happening radio show in 1989: (listen to the start of the video). Lazar had a friend named Jim Tagliani who worked at TTR at the time. This also matches with something else that is part of Lazar’s story: the aforementioned hand-scanners, which were used at around that time during part of the development of the F-117 stealth aircraft. The hand-scanner itself (the IDENTImat 2000) was publicly available information since the early 1970s, but the use of these machines in a classified program is something that Lazar could easily have heard about from Tagliani and then assimilated into his own story.

Lazar may also have gotten the idea to craft a story about a site dug into the side of a mountain from the nuclear storage facility in Yucca Mountain, part of the Nevada Test Site. Yucca Mountain had been designated as the nation’s future nuclear waste storage location by Congress in 1987; Lazar’s story came out in 1989. Here is a news report about the Yucca Mountain facility:

Why nine flying saucers?

Famously, Kenneth Arnold, in his 1947 sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington, reputedly saw nine flying objects. This is the report that ushered in the modern UFO saga and lead to the coining of the term "flying saucer" (though Arnold himself reported that the boomerang-shaped objects he saw moved like saucers skipping over water. This was misquoted by a journalist who described them as "flying saucers"). (Thank you to blog reader Peter Wikvist for this suggestion).

He's reputed to have "smuggled element 115 out of "S4"” - yet he had to "reconstruct" his "S4 security badge"?

What sort of "security" do they have there, anyway? I thought everything was "compartmentalized" and that there was a pervasive atmosphere of fear and paranoia - yet people can walk out of there with the most secretive (according to his story) substance known to man?

He produced a supposed "W2 tax form" purporting to show that he worked for the "Department of Naval Intelligence" - except that this “department” doesn't exist.

There is only an Office of Naval Intelligence (which is part of the Department of the Navy). His supposed "S4 security badge", which he "reconstructed from memory", also mentions the "Department of Naval Intelligence". What are the odds that the same government agency would actually issue two separate documents with the same erroneous designation on them? The "security card" also contains the letters "MAJ", alluding to the discredited Majestic 12 story. Yet again, we see blatant and frankly embarrassingly clear examples of Lazar's plagiarism of UFO lore.

To further demonstrate that Lazar is lying about a "Department of Naval Intelligence", look at this chart from the 1988 TV special "UFO Cover-Up? Live" (detailed further below in this article):

This is a screenshot from the TV special. The timestamp for this screenshot is here:

Notice the "ONI" - Office of Naval Intelligence - mentioned in the chart (as well as "Area 51", proving that this designation for the Groom Lake facility was already in the public domain before Lazar ever mentioned it). ONI is the real name of the organization, and its presence in this chart proves that the ONI was known about and existed in 1988 under that name, despite the excuses of some Lazar fans that maybe the "Department" that he mentions changed its name to ONI later on. In my other article about Lazar, I mention Amy Collins' belief (which I share) that Lazar probably used "Department of Naval Intelligence" to avoid prosecution for the felony offense of impersonating a federal employee, similar to how his "S4", which is supposedly located at Papoose, allowed him to avoid substantial backlash from Area 51 employees while still drawing succor from the mystique of the real facility at Groom Lake.

He himself, despite being a "physicist", says in the Jeremy Corbell film, "This makes NO sense" when referring to the alien ship's workability, but ensures us that "it does work."

In other words, he wants to talk out of both sides of his mouth while giving us nothing that allows us to distinguish his claims from total nonsense, and we just have to take his word for it.

Why does Lazar provide hardly any quantitative data for what he "saw"? Isn't he meant to have "worked on" this contraption as a "physicist"?

He talks about an “electrical load” but doesn't give us any figures for how strong this load was. He doesn't tell us how much the flying saucer weighed (except to say that it “weighs a lot”). He doesn't tell us what ratio of such-and-such chemical elements the flying saucer's hull was composed of (except to say that it felt “cold to the touch” and that he surmised from this that it was metallic). He doesn't tell us how much energy or power was being produced by the reactor of the saucer when it was in operation (except to say that it’s “more powerful than a nuclear reactor”). He doesn't tell us how much output of light there was from the ionization of the air. He doesn't tell us the strength of the gravitational field being generated, even though he claims that the craft used gravitational waves - which means that this must have been determined by some sort of apparatus on the base. On gravitational waves: this was already a hypothesis known to the scientific community at the time and did not in any way originate with Lazar. So why doesn't Lazar tell us anything about the way the reality of gravitational waves emanating from these saucers was determined in 1988/89? We had to wait till the LIGO experiment many years later for a public announcement about the reality of gravitational waves, yet here Lazar is in effect claiming that they had some sort of equivalent apparatus that he was exposed to decades ago. LIGO would be able to detect gravity waves emanated by flying saucers if they entered our atmosphere or were even in the vicinity of our solar system. No such gravity waves have been detected from such sources. Lazar HIMSELF said, on the Larry King show, that if flying saucers were manipulating gravity, they should be detectable. When asked in a 1993 press Q & A session in Rachel, Nevada, about what the frequency of gravity is, he responded “I’m reserving that for myself.” He also claimed that gravity and electromagnetism are “essentially one in the same”, a trope that is found in the Billy Meier mythos (, and made allusions to “gravity A waves” and “gravity B waves” - yet he can’t divulge any quantitative aspects even though he “believes that the technology should be in the proper hands of the scientific community”? He doesn't tell us the temperature of the “antimatter reactions”. He doesn't tell us the frequency of the remote-control device being used to control the saucer (if there was such a device, because he doesn't even purport to know how the craft were flown - yet he was handed "test flight schedules" and hired at “S4” after only a week or so of his “EG & G interview”!).

He claims that “the technology should be in the hands of the scientific community” - yet Lazar has steadfastly refused to EVER be cross-examined by actual scientists about the technology he supposedly worked on or about element 115:

He only EVER appears in front of crowds of adoring fans and is only ever interviewed by gullible radio talk show hosts and credulous reporters throwing him soft-ball questions. Is this the way an actual physicist who not only saw but WORKED ON alien technology would behave? A physicist so brilliant and “out of the box” in his thinking that he was hired to work on technology from another world? In the early 1990s, Lazar was even INVITED by Ben Rich, the then-head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, to give a talk to a gathering of professional aerospace journalists and engineers. Predictably, and unsurprisingly, Lazar declined. He now claims that he wishes he had kept his mouth shut because he wants to work on the "technology". Yet he turned down the head of the Skunk Works?!

On the movement of flying saucers, people claim that Lazar "predicted" how the "Gimbal" UFO moved:

Wrong. Here's a quote from the 1950s by famous engineer Hermann Oberth (a believer in the extraterrestrial hypothesis for flying saucers):

The disks always fly in a manner as if the drive is acting perpendicular to the plane of the disk; when they are suspended over a certain terrain they keep horizontal; when they want to fly very quick, they tilt (tip) and fly with the plane directed forward.

(Incidentally, Oberth was also theorized that alien ships produced their own gravitational fields, just as Lazar does)

Various other such quotes and accounts can be found in other reports and in TV specials and documentaries pre-dating Lazar’s story that mention craft tilting on their side, such as from the 1980 TV special "UFO syndrome": The narrator says:

The saucer flipped on its edge, the lower half rotating.

A screenshot from "UFO Syndrome". This flying saucer was photographed by Paul Villa.

From the 1975 UFO TV special "The outer space connection" (see more on this documentary below): A purported craft is shown tilted on its side:

In the 1966 Westall UFO incident in Australia, some of the children described the saucer as moving perpendicular to the ground.

In the 1950 McMinnville UFO incident, witness Evelynn Trent described seeing a UFO tip on its side and then fly off vertically.

But there's a further problem: are Lazar's supporters saying that flying saucers only started moving that way decades AFTER he came out with his story? But hang on: he also alludes to "archaeological digs" and “altering of our DNA”, which means that, for his story to be true, the aliens have been coming here for millennia. Yet they've only started maneuvering their craft in the way described by Lazar AFTER he described them moving this way? Why on earth would they do that? Either he obtained such accounts from stories that were already around at the time that he came out with his own (which means that he didn’t “predict” that they move that way since such accounts are not original to his story), or the aliens decided to only fly their craft in the manner he describes after he gave his account (which would be stupid).

Lazar's character is very dubious, putting into immediate question anything and everything he says:

He moved with his second wife into the house where his first wife committed suicide after only a week of her death. He was involved in running two brothels (here he is confessing to investing in one of them:; the second time, George Knapp himself called the police on Lazar because he felt that the brothel involvement would ruin the credibility of the alien reverse engineering story and jeopardize his own reputation as a reporter if it wasn't nipped in the bud (here is Knapp talking about this: Here is the police affidavit mentioning how Lazar’s name was on the lease and how he had installed cameras in the trick rooms: Lazar also filed for bankruptcy (here are the list of creditors in the bankruptcy case: and engaged in some legal shenanigans to get out of debt by having his second wife change her name. It's entirely likely that he invented the “alien reverse engineering” story to make it seem like he was being "persecuted" by the government and to take the heat off of his legal troubles by getting the public to sympathize with him. Or, simply, to generate some revenue to support himself and get out of his financial difficulties, either then or in the future. It appears that he co-founded a company called the Zeta Reticuli 2 Corporation with Robert Bigelow, an aerospace investor and fan of UFOs (Bigelow later pulled out of the venture with Lazar). Lazar’s story may have been a ruse to attract funding from Bigelow.

Certainly, Lazar’s personal and legal dealings paint a picture of him as a narcissistic and dishonest person. Knapp has come up with his own rationalization for why someone like Lazar would be hired by the military for a super-secret project: so that the government could "discredit him" if he ever did decide to divulge secrets, by pointing to his brothel dealings and other dodgy dealings. This is a very weak excuse, though. Is he saying that ALL Area 51/"S4" employees working on "captured alien technology" would need to be like Lazar and that no actual accredited physicists and engineers would be allowed to work on alien technology? But hang on: what about the Edward Teller connection that Lazar tries to invoke? (in which Teller supposedly read a newspaper article about Lazar’s jet-powered car and was so impressed that he got Lazar the “S4” job). Knapp's argument is especially ridiculous given that the US government and its military establishment had and continue to have access to a veritable army of highly innovative, properly accredited professionals at their disposal, who have worked in the black projects divisions of established aerospace and engineering companies (such as the Skunk Works division of Lockheed), and who have worked on such projects as the B2 stealth bomber, F-117 Nighthawk, the Strategic Defense Initiative (the "Star Wars" missile defense project), hypersonic propulsion systems, and various other projects calling for radical, "out of the box" solutions to daunting engineering challenges. Yet we're asked to believe that the government instead hired an obvious security liability - a guy who was known to have invested in a brothel, was a notorious self-promoter, and was associated with UFO fanatics - on its most secret project of all.

He claims that he "risked his life" and that he "exposed S4 for the sake of the scientific community", but also tries to exude an air of cool and relaxed indifference to whether people believe him or not:

He's telling us that he saw alien technology and wants the public and the scientific community to know about it, AND that he risked his life to spill the beans - but that he's indifferent to whether anyone believes him. Is this why he sells Area 51 and flying saucer merchandise on his company’s website?

We're being asked to believe that Lazar was given a top secret “Q” clearance after only a week or so of his “EG&G interview”:

In reality, such clearances are only granted after a lengthy, months-long process of thorough background checks to ensure that the person is psychologically stable, reliable, conscientious, has the credentials they claim to have, and is not likely to become compromised by foreign intelligence agencies. Hence, we're ALSO being asked to believe that Lazar, with his personality that predisposes him to tall tales, self-promotion, along with severe financial difficulties, and who was precisely the type of guy who the KGB and GRU were constantly on the look-out for to groom as a double agent so that they could penetrate the US government's operations, was PURPOSELY given access to the MOST classified project of the US government and perhaps in all of human history - all because he was "handy with machines" and could "think outside the box." Then, effectively by his own admission, Lazar boasts of being precisely the sort of blabbermouth the government would never knowingly hire, by "exposing Area 51" and going on a road-trip with his buddies to film "test flights of flying saucers." The supposed "footage of UFOs" is grainy and entirely indistinct. It has no size references (by George Knapp’s own admission, as mentioned earlier). So even this most tangible piece of potential evidence to affirm his story is itself, predictably, not worth very much.

He claims that he “caught a glimpse of something” that might have been an alien when he walked past a door or window at the "S4" base but that he was told to keep his eyes forward:

(This is different to his alternate claim that he saw photos in a briefing document of alien Grays being autopsied) So, the base is so highly compartmentalized and the atmosphere of paranoia so pervasive that they can’t even put a tarp over a window concealing an extraterrestrial and they need to rely on “eyes forward” orders that end up failing? Who runs “S4”? Ronald McDonald?

People often claim that he's never made any money out of his story:

The exact opposite is the case. He has made money from the sale of the aforementioned "Lazar Tape" co-produced with Gene Huff; TV interviews with foreign networks; his consultation with the Testors Toy Model company and the model kit they produced for the "sport model saucer"; his current sale of Area 51 and "S4" related merchandise on his United Nuclear company's website, including signed prints of his "sport model" sketch: He now has an autobiography titled "Dream Land", where he no doubt tries to cash in once again on his story by selling it to gullible audiences who don't know how (or have no inclination) to fact-check, while providing no scientific information that could verify his story.

Some of the flying saucer and Area 51 themed items for sale on United Nuclear's website which cash in on Lazar's story.

List of timestamped videos showing UFO and alien lore narratives and thematic elements that pre-date many claims made by Lazar, showing that these motifs were very common by the time he came out with his story, and that shows what a plagiarist he is (many of the tropes may have been passed to him via John Lear, but many others were so pervasive at the time that Lazar could easily have picked them ip on his own). Many of these are so blatantly obvious as Lazar’s sources of inspiration (especially 1988’s “UFO Cover-Up? Live!”, 1980’s “In Search Of…” and 1980s’ “Hangar 18”) that one has to wonder if Lazar just thinks people are stupid and deserve to be exploited:

1967: Quatermass And The Pit (released as “Five Million Years To Earth” in the US) (Motion picture): Scene where the military is trying to cut into the craft. Lazar claims that technicians had cut into an alien reactor with a plasma cutter.

In the movie, an ape-man skull is found that is older than any previously known fossil linking apes and humans, and it is revealed that the aliens have engineered our evolution. Lazar claims that he read briefing documents in which it was explained that aliens had modified the genetics of a simian ancestor many thousands of years ago.

1974: UFOs (It Has Begun) Past, Present and Future (TV special/documentary): “Two naval intelligence officers were sent to investigate” (a case in which a woman claimed to have met with extraterrestrials). Lazar’s story features the “Department of Naval Intelligence”. Aliens have “...been around for thousands of years” according to a “contactee” who supposedly met with aliens. Lazar says that he read briefing documents in which it was conveyed that aliens had modified the genetics of a simian ancestor to make us human many thousands of years ago. From a supposed incident that took place at Holloman Air Force Base. “It hovers almost silently about ten feet off the ground for almost a minute and yaws like a ship at anchor, then sets down on three extension pads.” Lazar claims that the “sport model” was almost silent (emitting a low hissing sound) and that it was tested in his presence at “S4”, where it was flown for a short time. The sport model is also reputed by him to be “unstable” at low speed.

1975: Journeys from Beyond Earth (TV special/documentary): “Meanwhile, the governments of both Russia and America are both quietly sponsoring psychic research. Both countries have seriously considered using telepathy, the direct transference of thought from one mind to another, as a direct means of communicating with submarines - and spaceships.” Lazar mentions that the “sport model saucer” has no discernible manual controls. Many of his fans have speculated that the craft was controlled through some sort of telepathic communication by the pilot. Corona discharges. Lazar alluded to flying saucers making a corona discharge due to their propulsion system. A grey-skinned alien from the Betty and Barney Hill case. Also mentions that they “communicated through some sort of thought transmission.” The aliens in Lazar’s fable are the famous “Grays”, and he also alludes to Zeta Reticuli as the origin of the “sport model”.

1975: The Outer Space Connection (TV special/documentary): Corona discharge (“If you’re a conventional physicist, you will call it a corona discharge. And that means it’s an electrical emanation caused by the current and the voltage going through the object.”) Lazar alludes to flying saucers making a corona discharge due to their propulsion system. A flying saucer flipped on its side (just like flying saucers in “delta configuration”) Allusions to alien intervention in our biological past and evolution (Lazar talks about “65 genetic alterations” made by aliens and how it helped us evolve from a simian ancestor; chimpanzees are shown in this documentary as well) A reference to “containers”* in the context of biotechnology and embryo transfer; Lazar talked about genetic manipulation by the aliens in our past and of how we were referred to as “containers” by the aliens in the "briefing documents" he supposedly read.

Lots of ancient astronaut stories and footage of ancient ruins throughout the documentary; Lazar talks about an “archaeological dig” from which one of the saucers was recovered (though I think this is a relatively recent addition to his fable; still, the “Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel could have inspired this claim of his, or simply the ancient astronauts mythos more generally, originating with the writings of authors such as von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin. And of course, there's the 1982 film "The Thing", in which a flying saucer is excavated from the Antarctic ice and is reputed to have been there for "over 100,000 years").

*Humans as “containers” was also a staple of the belief system of the Heaven's Gate cult, which was established in 1974. Here is a mention of this aspect of the cult's belief system in the 1997 documentary "Area 51: The Alien Interview": The term "containers" was uttered in Episode 3 of the 1970s sci-fi/action TV series "UFO":

1976: Overlords of the UFO (TV special/documentary) - link is broken; will need to be replaced: Here you can see a bell-shaped scout ship-type craft using “anti-gravity” (according to the narrator) with the Adamski-style triple semi-spheres on the underside and commentary about how the spheres allow the craft to become “immune to the effects of gravity” and that a “glow” starts to surround the saucer. Note how Lazar’s story, as mentioned, has the sport model with three “gravity wave guides”, but also a semi-spherical reactor into which element 115 is inserted. Lazar also mentions a “corona discharge”.

-- Another similarity between Adamski’s stories and Lazar’s: according to Adamski, on 20 November 1952, he and six of his friends/followers drove out to Desert Center near the California-Arizona border. At their remote destination, shortly after 12 noon, the group watched as “a gigantic cigar-shaped silvery ship” cut a silent path through the blue sky above. In Lazar’s story, he went out into the Nevada desert with his friends and viewed alien vehicles being tested (which in Adamski’s lore would count as something like “scout craft”).

-- And yet ANOTHER similarity between Adamski’s story and Lazar’s: Adamski said that the alien “Orthon” showed him to a ship made of a “translucent metal”. In Lazar’s story, part of the “sport model” is also reputed, in Lazar’s estimation, to be capable of becoming translucent.

1977: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (major motion picture):

-- The main protagonist is an electrical lineman; Lazar was an electronics technician at LANL

-- A kid named "Barry". Lazar claims that he worked with a "Barry" at "S4". Admittedly, Barry is a very common name, so this is likely to just be a coincidence.

-- The hand-scanners:

-- The military lying to people.

-- The desert as the venue for these events.

-- Diminutive humanoid aliens with large heads.

-- A dude who is not the best qualified for the job being allowed on board spacecraft. Lazar was, in his story, allowed on board the reverse engineering program and the sport model saucer.

1977: UFOs Are Here! (TV special/documentary): Another “I worked on flying saucers” clown (and now religious fundamentalist), this time by the name of Stan Deyo (though he thinks that humans can produce flying saucers with “anti-gravitics” and that UFOs are actually ARVs or “alien reproduction vehicles”).

The thematic and narrative elements that are regurgitated in Lazar’s story:

-- he was chosen by the military to work on “electrogravitics”; Lazar claims he was hired to work on the alien propulsion system that manipulates gravity and that electromagnetism and gravity are “essentially one and the same”

-- he was “programmed with libraries of information with slides flashes up on the wall at the rate of 200 pages a second. We couldn’t even read them [him and the “180 or so other souls” in the program] but they were being implanted in our minds subliminally”; Lazar talks about briefing documents that he was told to read for indoctrination purposes

-- years later, after he had “assimilated the information” that he was “programmed with”, he was approached by an “emissary from Dr Edward Teller’s office” to work on anti-gravitics (this time consciously. lol) and found out that Teller was apparently the head of “anti-gravitics research” in the US; Lazar's story also features Teller, as the guy who got the ball rolling on his employment at "S4", no less

-- claims that he worked on “magneto-hydrodynamic plasma” (Lazar's "MIT master's thesis" is on "magnetohydrodynamics")

-- claims that he was hounded by the intelligence community after he suggested that the findings of his research could solve the threat of war in the Middle East (by providing an alternative energy source to petroleum); Lazar claims he was threatened and hounded by government agents

-- claims to have a “briefcase case full of documented evidence”; Lazar talks about briefing documents

-- talks about Soviet scientists involved in anti-gravitics research in the Soviet Union and that “all these people [in the US and the Soviet Union] have all been working together as scientists who go above governments”; Lazar talks about Soviet scientists who were invited to work on the alien technology (he might also have gotten that idea from the 1988 Joint Verification Experiment signed by the US and the USSR and that involved Soviet inspectors coming to the Nevada Test Site)

1978: UFO Journals (TV special/documentary): A saucer on its side; and another one a few seconds later. Also here: and a few seconds later. A tripod saucer. Lazar claims that the “sport mode” had 3 “gravity wave guides”. The saucers “use the electromagnetic lines of force which permeate the universal substance of this galaxy.” “ energy device which will use the natural oscillations of atom structures themselves; we will be taught how to use the vibrancy of the atoms to extract natural energy emanations from the very atom

substances and cipher them off to power stations. And it will be a free type of energy.” Lazar claims that there are “Gravity A & B waves”, that element 115 is used to power the alien ship, and that the way it operates violates the laws of thermodynamics. A Navy guy talking about his supposed experiences, how the craft using electromagnetism and varying “polarity” to repel or pull themselves from or towards the Earth, and that he was given a crystal rock that upon “spectrographic analysis”, was found to have properties anything on Earth. Lazar claims that he smuggled element 115 out of the “S4” and that when it is involved in anti-matter reactions it is involved in generating a powerful gravitational field, and that element 115 is a “strictly extraterrestrial element”. A “scout patrol” craft, with “3 propulsion units”, that the craft can reverse the flow of gravity, that gravity has “2 poles”, and that due to their interaction with the Earth’s gravitational field, the scout craft can often be seen acting in an “erratic manner”. Lazar claims that the “sport model” has 3 “gravity wave guides”, that repulsion can be achieved by having the gravity waves they emanate be “out of synch” with the Earth’s gravity, and that flying saucers can be “kind of unstable” because they are interacting with the Earth’s uneven gravitational field.

A lot of the footage and points mentioned here is reproduced in the 1980 documentary “UFO Syndrome”, mentioned further below.

1979? Contact from the Pleiades (TV special/documentary) - links are broken; will need to replaced: “...where it wobbles around a vertical axis. The bobbing effect, Meier explains, is due to the ship riding the waves of the Earth’s magnetic field.” Lazar claims that the “gravity and electromagnetism are essentially one and the same”, and that flying saucers at low speeds are “kind of unstable” because the Earth’s gravitational field is uneven. The inspiration for Lazar’s sport model saucer (a Type 1 beam ship”). “I think that craft is putting out a force field.” Lazar claims that the “sport model” puts out a gravitational field for its propulsion. Semjase “explains...the function of the spheres for propulsion of the craft in interstellar travel.” Lazar’s “sport model” has a semi-sphere into which “element 115 is inserted”. Allusions to how the sound from a Billy Meier sound recording of one of the “Pleiadean beam ships” is indicative of “magnetic waves” and “propulsion”. An astrophysicist talking about his view on a unified field theory that could point to the possibility of faster-than-light travel. “There could exist a higher dimensional space, a hyperspace, that we can interact with via certain configurations of electromagnetic energy patterns” and how one could alter the “connection with the Earth’s gravitational field” and that of a “distant star”, eventually allowing you to be “pulled in” to the gravitational field of the star. The depiction of how these craft might travel is similar to Lazar’s “delta configuration”:

Screenshots from the documentary "Contact from the Pleiades"

1979: UFOs Are Real! (TV special/documentary): Bob Lazar claims that his “MIT master's degree thesis” was on the topic of “magnetohydrodynamics”. Now, where would he get the idea to say that? Perhaps from the aforementioned Stan Deyo story - and/or from this 1979 documentary titled “UFOs Are Real!” that mentions a 1966 experiment by a university group using a small aquatic vessel to test electromagnetic propulsion. Gray aliens from the Travis Walton case, the same sorts of beings as alluded to by Lazar. A reference to the Navy in the form of Bruce Maccabee. A reference to Zeta Reticuli (from the Betty and Barney Hill case/Marjorie Fish analysis), as alluded to by Lazar’s “briefing documents”. A Billy Meier saucer, which happens to look virtually identical to Lazar’s “sport model saucer”.

1980: In Search Of…UFO Coverups (UFO TV special and part of the “In Search Of” series. A big thank you to username "planetcheck" for this lead): A former Air Force officer who later became a UFO investigator and who was being interviewed for the show starts talking about his “source” who claimed to have been driven to the site of a UFO retrieval out in the desert:

The source ("Fritz") apparently worked at Frenchman Flat in Nevada (which was part of the Nevada Test Site - now the Nevada National Security Site - and spans Areas 5 & 11) on the blast effects of atomic bombs (Lazar worked under contract from Kirk-Mayer Inc. at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a technician. LANL conducts nuclear weapons research and is affiliated with the NNSS (then the NTS). Here is a job listing put out by KM: “Physicist” is not mentioned in this list. According to John Lear, Lazar installed/maintained radiation monitors). Other things similar or reminiscent to the Lazar story from the source:

-- being taken out to the desert on a bus with the windows completely covered and black paper taped to the windows

-- being told that he would be assigned to a specific aspect of the craft (in his case, "dynamic loads") and that he wouldn't receive answers about anything else

-- that he initially thought it was a classified military vehicle

-- he mentions that he was interested in knowing the mass of the craft, but that the government wouldn't tell him. In an early Lazar, mentions about the "sport model": "I don't know exactly how much it weighs, but it weighs a lot". In the video, you can see that the craft is on its side and quite dug into the ground, implying that it weighs a lot

-- alien bodies: Fritz claims there was a tent that had been set up at the retrieval site he was driven to and that someone he was talking to said there were alien bodies in the tent. He was then told to stop talking to this person. Lazar claims that he was told to “keep his eyes forward” as he was being walked to the craft, and that he “caught a glimpse” of something

-- that the saucer had a brushed aluminum type of finish “breaking an oath of secrecy...the greater public good". Lazar says that he thinks "the technology should be in the proper hands of the scientific community" and that “people should know that we have been visited by at least one type of extraterrestrial”:

1980: Hangar 18 (motion picture): The opening blurb: “In spite of official denials, rumors have

continued to surface about what the government has been concealing from the American public at a secret Air Force hangar. But now, with the help of a few brave eyewitnesses who have stepped forward to share their knowledge of these events, the story can finally be told.” Lazar claims to be a whistle-blower who spilled the beans on a secret government program at a secret hangar. Scientists trying to figure out how stuff works in the craft. One of them pulls a panel on the inside of the ship and the engine starts energizing, causing a panic. Lazar claims that the technician/s who died near “S4” were cutting into the engine with a plasma cutter and the engine blew up from the release of energy. The scientists in the movie are pretty much totally in the dark and are just trying stuff out - just like Lazar, who was called in because he can “think outside the box” “We gotta find out what makes this thing tick.” Lazar claims he was chosen to reverse-engineer the “propulsion system and what not” of the craft, and has used the exact phrase “what makes it tick” in reference to what the term “reverse-engineering” means and Government assassination attempts while in a car. Didn’t Lazar claims that his brakes had been tampered with. Aliens being here for thousands of years. Lazar claims that he read in “briefing documents” that the aliens had been in contact with humanity many thousands of years ago (see also timestamp after the next one) “Western Institute of Technology”. Lazar claims he got a “master's degree” from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology A document found on board the alien spaceship that speaks of how they altered the destiny of pre-humans and mated with female humans. Lazar speaks of “briefing documents” that mentioned that the aliens had “altered 65 sites in our DNA” and altered the course of our evolution Getting shot at from near the highway. Lazar claims he was shot at by government agents on the highway Reference to Los Alamos Government assassination attempt, using a bomb. A technician can be seen dying in the explosion. Lazar claims that there was explosion near “S4” when technicians were trying to open the alien engine and they died, and that the incident had to be passed off as an unannounced nuclear test The outro talks about the explosion and that some “technicians” survived.

1980: UFO Syndrome (TV special/documentary): Trevor Constable talking about a governmental secret group that is “higher than the CIA” according to a Canadian scientist who claims he was involved in Canada’s “attempts to penetrate the propulsion system of UFOs” and was forwarded with “samples” by this agency for analysis. Lazar speaks of a super-secret military group at “S4” tasked with reverse engineering flying saucers, and that he was chosen to specifically figure out how to do that with the propulsion system. He also alludes to samples of element 115 and how he was called in by the unit to “analyze” the element that made the propulsion system tick. “The saucer flipped on its edge, the lower half rotating.”

Lazar: the “sport model” tips forward and then flies away. Ostensible recordings of alien encounters from thousands of years ago in cave paintings. Lazar relates in the JRE interview how he recalls how "Barry" told him that the recovered flying at "S4" were acquired from "archeological digs". Talking about Erich von Däniken's belief that aliens visited earth 30-50 thousand years ago and “interbred” with the ancient Indians living in the Andes. Lazar: aliens tinkered with human genetics in the past. Dr George King: “Mankind reached quite a high stage of evolution in Lemuria” and the idea of alien intervention in the ancient past. Lazar: he read in “briefing documents” that aliens had altered our evolution by modifying “sites in our DNA”. Carl Anderson, a Navy dude blathering about some nonsensical propulsion system “explained” to him by the aliens when they abducted him and that uses “positive and reverse polarity”, a “battery of a type that we’re not familiar with”, and its own electromagnetic “lines of force” to repel away from or attract it towards the Earth’s lines of force.

Lazar talks about the “Department of Naval Intelligence” being part of the cover-up and the people who employed him at “S4” to reverse engineer the propulsion system of the “sport model” that uses gravity, which he claims “is essentially the same force” as electromagnetism in a 1993 press conference in Rachel, Nevada. Claims that the craft used an element that had not been synthesized on earth to acquire its energy through antimatter reactions. Dr George King again. Look at the similarities between King’s explanations and Lazar’s fables as King holds a model of a “scout ship” (a craft which is reputed to be about 32 feet in diameter, about the same size as Lazar’s “sport model”):

-- “They [the motherships] have a capability of, shall we say, tuning into natural magnetic forces which do flow very freely through this galaxy and transferring to that into kinetic energy.”

Lazar during his 1993 Rachel, Nevada press conference: gravity and electromagnetism are “essentially the same”.

-- “The usual type of scout patrol vessel...has 3 propulsion units.” Lazar: the “sport model has 3 “gravity wave guides”.

-- “The third one [propulsion unit] is very interesting. As these vehicles operate for the most part quite near to a planetary mass, such as Earth or another planet, they’re able to reverse the flow of gravity.” Lazar: the sport model uses gravity that is essentially flipped 180 degrees.

-- “The space people know by the way that gravity has two poles rather like a magnet. A magnet has a north and a south pole.” Lazar: gravity is essentially the same force as electromagnetism and the sport model utilizes “gravity A waves” and “gravity B waves”.

-- “A planetary mass can repel a vehicle or attract it. This is often the reason why some scout patrol vessels fly in a rather, shall we say, erratic manner.”

This is literally EXACTLY what Lazar says in an early interview: that in one of its configurations (the “omicron” configuration), the sport model is following the Earth’s uneven gravitational field and that it’s “kind of unstable for the most part.”

-- UFO Syndrome also has other people alluding to electromagnetism. Chan Thomas claiming to not care about UFOs and that he only cares about building one. Lazar tries to present an air of indifference about the beings who built the “sport model” and claims to only care about the technology. A dude named Brian Scott who has self-hypnotized and is supposedly channeling the message of an alien named “Voltar” (yes, I’m not making this up). This is potentially relevant because it ties into the next timestamp, which talks about people acting as “telepathic bodies” (perhaps one of the inspirations for Lazar’s “containers”). “Allan Michaels makes a startling claim. There are some 2 million people in telepathic bodies on this planet now making ready to receive Earth people to bring them into the kingdom of God.” Lazar claims to have read briefing documents that spoke of humans being referred to by the aliens as “containers”.

1983: The Cosmic Conspiracy (Australian TV special/documentary; later re-edited as “The Eye of the Storm” two-part special): Stan Deyo mentions research into magnetohydrodynamics by James Frank King. As mentioned earlier, Lazar’s supposed MIT master's thesis was on the topic of magnetohydrodynamics. King talking about the desire to reverse engineer flying saucers. Lazar claims he was hired to help reverse engineer a flying saucer. Three semi-spherical Adamski-style protuberances on a 1967 flying saucer design by King. Lazar talks about the sport model saucer having three “gravity wave guides". A former Rear Admiral. Lazar claims that he was hired by the “Department of Naval Intelligence” (the Navy sure seems to be a recurring theme in this mythos. See the 1988 entry below in which the Navy is again invoked as part of the evolving core UFO story regurgitated by Lazar). King (in The Eye of the Storm part 2) talking about the desire to be able to achieve the types of speeds and maneuvers observed of flying saucers and how one of the proposals was for the craft to produce its own gravity (note also how the technical drawing, which also appears in “The Cosmic Conspiracy”, says “magnetohydrodynamic propulsion apparatus”). Lazar claims that the “sport model” produced its own gravity with the use of gravity wave guides. Discussion of the diminutive, large headed beings supposedly recovered at Roswell. Lazar’s story mentions the Grays, which had by then become a staple of UFO lore. A dude drawing three Adamski-style semi-spherical protuberances on a black board.

1987: George Knapp interviews John Lear on TV news show “On The Record”: “the government has retrieved between 10 and 15 actual flying saucers, three of which have been in perfect condition, one of which they tried to fly”. Lazar claims that he saw nine flying saucers at “S4” and that one showed signs of damage from firearms. He also claims that he was present at “S4” to view the test flight of one. A depiction of a Grey alien. In Lazars’ telling, the aliens were the Greys that had become iconic by that time. “...nor are we able to figure out how they are propelled.” Lazar’s supposed role at “S4” was to help reverse engineer the propulsion system of the “sport model saucer”. “I don’t know the extent to which they [POTUS] are informed. Privately, I don’t believe they are given the full briefing. The people that control this information is a organization that we know of as MJ-12.” Lazar mentions “briefing documents” in his story and includes “MAJ” on his “reconstructed-from-memory S4 security card.” “In fact, in Cro-Magnon Man, there may have been some tinkering to make us what we are today. And that’s been borne out by several researchers, that we couldn’t have developed the missing link, something had to happen to get us going.” Lazar claims that the read briefing documents in which it was mentioned that aliens had modified 65 sites in our DNA and turned us into humans from a “simian ancestor”. Interestingly, in this interview Lear disavows Meier and says that the Meier photos of flying saucers are baloney. In later interviews, however, Lear was an advocate of Meier. “I’m sure they do. [have flying saucers in Nevada] up at the test site. There’s a report that of the 3 that they got in perfectly good condition, at least one is up at the test site and has flown and one has flown as of 1981.” Lazar claims that he worked at “S4”, which he claims is at Papoose, part of the Nevada Test Site, and that the “sport model” was flown there.

1987: Predator (motion picture): Near the end of the movie, the alien self-destructs using a portable machine that creates an electrical discharge and then a nuclear explosion and a mushroom cloud. Lazar claims that the technicians he was hired to replace were killed when the alien reactor they were cutting with a plasma cutter exploded with the force of a small nuclear detonation.

1988: UFO Cover-Up? Live! (TV special/documentary): A guy named Barry. Is this the inspiration for Lazar’s “Barry”? Someone talks about a craft at Holloman Air Force Base that was “oscillating” as it landed. Lazar talked about how the craft were “unstable” at a certain configuration because of the Earth’s irregular gravitational field. Mention of a “briefing document” pertaining to MJ-12 that was sent as part of a package to a journalist. Lazar’s story is filled with mentions of “briefing documents” as well as allusions to MJ-12. “Falcon” (being depicted by none other than Richard Doty in silhouette, though Doty was not really Falcon in Michael Moore's "Aviary". Falcon was an associate of Doty's who worked with him at AFOSI and was involved in the Bennewitz affair. In any case, here Doty is in silhouette, just as Lazar was when he first "went public" as "Dennis" in 1989) talking about how part of MJ-12’s job was to help find ways of using the alien technology. Lazar was at “S4” to “reverse engineer alien craft”. Area 51 shown in a purported organizational chart (but hang on: Bob’s supporters are always telling me that Area 51 and the designation of Area 51 were first known about only AFTER Lazar came out with his story in 1989). “Falcon” claims that the “Navy has primary operational responsibilities of field activities relating to the MJ-12 policies”. Lazar claims that he was paid by the “Department of Naval Intelligence”. “Falcon” mentions a “Bible” - “This book, or it’s called Bible within the MJ-12 community”. Lazar’s VHS tape from the early 90s was called “The Lazar Tape and Excerpts from the Government Bible”: Claims that a book written by one of the aliens describes a crystal that “displays pictures...of Earth many thousands of years ago”. Lazar claims that he read in “briefing documents” that aliens had altered our DNA many thousands of years ago Zeta Reticuli. Lazar claims that he read in briefing documents that the “Greys” (also mentioned in this documentary by “Falcon”, and a staple of Lazar's "briefing documents") were from Zeta Reticuli “Condor”, the other silhouetted clown, claims that the aliens operate at “a base in Nevada in an area called Area 51”.

Why Lazar is a fraud, from his own mouth. This is from a transcript of his 1993 press Q & A session in Rachel, Nevada: You can find the full video on YouTube here:

[Q = questioner, QF = questioner’s follow-up, BL = Bob Lazar]

"Q: Bob, the microwave frequency going to the waveguide is electromagnetic, or that's gravitational?

BL: They're one in the same.

QF: I don't understand what you mean by that.

BL: Gravity is--Unfortunately, physics hasn't gotten to that part yet. [then how the hell do YOU know about it, Bob? How was this determined?] --but gravity essentially is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

QF: Then what frequency is it?

BL: That's something I'm reserving for myself."

[What a "legit real deal physicist and whistle-blower". Imagine this guy saying that to a group of actual physicists: "I'm reserving that for myself." So not only doesn't he reveal a sample of element 115 for scientific scrutiny, he also "reserves for himself" the frequency of gravity waves]

Or try this one on for size:

"Q: I understand you took some 115 home with you to do some testing on your own.

BL: I obtained it, yeah.

QF: Did you document any of your testing at all?

BL: Yeah.

QF: You did.

BL: Yeah, mostly video tape and things like that. [Where are the video tapes and other recordings? So he didn't write anything down? Isn’t this dude meant to be a “legit physicist”? Why isn’t there a shred of documentation for any of his results? Where are his scientific insights from his “research”?]

QF: John said it was stolen from you later? Last night he said, "They stole it back," he said.

BL: Well, there's another level to that. Like I said, right now it's in private hands."

[Ah yes, always "another level" when he should know something but doesn't. Always a "migraine" to intervene; always an "erasure" of his "degrees" when he can't prove his "credentials". Always something that he can’t verify because he “only read about it in briefing documents”. Always something that he “can’t remember” or doesn’t “want to talk about because it might get other people in trouble.”]

And another one in case you're too thick to know that this guy is lying (this is my favorite one, BTW):

"Q: Element 115, does it have emission lines?

BL: Does it have emission lines?

QF: Spectral.

BL: Oh, I imagine it does. Every other element does, yeah.

QF: That you know of.

BL: Well, no, I haven't seen any spectrographic analysis on it, or... Well, actually, they did do... I don't know if I saw it though. [you’re a “physicist” who doesn't know if he saw the spectrographic analysis of an element never synthesized on this planet, and you only think you "might have" seen it?] I saw a neutron bombardment test and density measurements and things like that, ["things like that", but not the spectrographic analysis. And of course, you can't describe any quantitative results from those other tests, either. But at least you know big boy phrases like "neutron bombardment"] but I'm sure that carried out that tests on it. But I wouldn't be able to identify the lines, no.

QF: You're not aware of the results?

BL: They probably showed them to me, but I can't for the life of me remember after four years."

This is the “physicist” they “called in” to determine the element that the “alien reactor” was running on, folks. If you still believe his story by now, then I have some lovely beach-front property in Mongolia that I’d like to sell you.

Some of Lazar’s fraudulent claims about gravity and electromagnetism can be found in the Billy Meier mythos (which itself most likely lifted them from openly discussed ideas about the unified field theory in physics), from which he also stole one of the flying saucer shapes for his own “sport model”.

"Gravity is of electromagnetic nature with two unitary but contrary forces. [Lazar talks about “gravity A waves” and “gravity B waves”] It works to attract as well as to repulse. It is connected to the mass itself. The Earth exercises the coherent and the second factor is itself the generation and use of what we call gravity. Gravity and electromagnetism exist at the same time and appear as attraction and repulsion. Different factors which were not elaborated on include the warmth of the planet and the coldness of the cosmos, the solid center of the planet and the atmosphere. These factors are important for the rise of the gravity and the anti-gravity."

"...Billy says there is no feeling of movement inside the ship. It seems to create its own specific gravity." [Lazar claims that the occupants of the ship would not feel any inertia because the ship is in its own “realm” due to its manipulation of gravity]

"...In other movie footage we can see the ship flying in a circle around a great fir tree over a house. At first it appears hung on a string because of the upward camera angle. However, close examination shows the ship actually moving over the top of the tree. In one section of the movie we see the ship moving left and right and then coming to a stop. Here we notice the ship seeming to wobble as it moves. It is explained that the ship is riding a wave of electromagnetism we call gravity. It appears to float on this wave much like a boat on water. The Pleiadians point out that gravity varies at different points on the Earth..." [Lazar claims that the reason the ship’s movement is “kind of unstable” near the Earth’s surface is because the Earth’s gravitational field is not uniform. Notably, the REAL reason for this “instability” is because the Meier saucers were suspended from strings!]

“Gravity is electromagnetic in nature with two unitary but contrary forces.” [Lazar claims that gravity and electromagnetism are “essentially one and the same”]

“Her [Semjase’s] new ship uses an anti-gravity drive based on the principle of dischargement.” [Lazar claims that the craft uses antimatter reactions for energy]

Lazar on the “Billy Goodman Happening” radio program, December 20, 1989:

I have two master’s degrees; one’s in physics; one’s in electronics. I wrote my thesis on MHD, which is magnetohydrodynamics. I worked at Los Alamos for a few years as a technician and then as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section, dealing with the accelerator there. I was hired at S-4 as a senior staff physicist to work on gravitational propulsion systems and whatnot associated with those crafts.

Okay, so let’s get this straight: he has TWO master’s degrees from world-class institutions. He worked as a PHYSICIST at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Yet elsewhere HE claims that “they could have chosen someone more qualified” than him - yet they made him SENIOR staff PHYSICIST at S4?

Parallels between Bob Lazar and Billy Meier:

-- Lazar's "sport model saucer" is a near-carbon copy of a Meier "Type 1 beam ship" trash can lid saucer (though it could have been a kitchen saucer and plate). Lazar was close friends with Meier-enthusiast and UFO fanatic John Lear before coming out with his story

-- Lazar HIMSELF says in an early interview that the "sport model" looks "astonishingly similar" to the Meier saucer:

-- Lazar's clout-chasing behavior coupled with his humble-bragging closely mirrors Meier's: Lazar is supposedly a "physicist" with "master's degrees from MIT and CalTech", and his "MIT master's thesis" was ostensibly on magnetohydrodynamics (a topic that had been doing the rounds in UFO TV specials from the 70s & 80s); simultaneously, he feigns surprise that he was "chosen" to participate in the "reverse engineering program" at "S4", and said that he was "under-qualified" for such an assignment. Meier claims to have “impressed” Semjase with his "amazing understanding" of what she was saying and that he had Jesus captivated with his "wisdom", even though he's just a "poor illiterate farmer"

-- Criminal conduct and financial troubles: Lazar with his brothel banditry and deep financial troubles and bankruptcy through much of the 1980s, Meier with his juvenile delinquency, escapes from institutions, drifting and vagrancy, and financial woes in his earlier adult life

-- Religious overtones: Lazar with his plagiarism of the term "Government Bible" (from 1988’s TV special “UFO Cover-Up? Live!” the year before he came out with his story) and claims about alien intervention in human evolution and history, Meier with his plagiarism of the New Testament in his "Talmud Immanuel"

-- Fake physics: Lazar with his claims about "gravity and electromagnetism are essentially one and the same" - lifted straight from "Semjase" and her claims about the exact same thing, even down to the wobbliness of the beamships (Lazar says that the "sport model" is "kind of unstable in omicron configuration" due to the Earth's uneven gravitational field; Semjase says the same thing about the movements of the "beam ships":

-- Derivative "the dog ate my homework" excuses: Lazar with "the government erased my history" to excuse his pathetic inability to provide any documentation for his "master's degrees", Meier with his "the original scrolls of the Talmud Immanuel were lost" and “the men in black fabricated photos against me”. George Knapp, Lazar's long-time defender and promoter, also gets in on this act with why he can't find the "video tape that shows element 115": "I can't find it because of all the boxes of crap in my house."

Additional sources for understanding why Lazar is full of crap: Refutes the often-made claim that Lazar's story has "remained the same for decades". About Lazar's short stint at LANL and why he couldn't have become a "physicist" there. (Eigenbros analysis of Lazar’s claims)

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Peter Wikvist
Peter Wikvist
Mar 29, 2023

Moscovium (element 115) is highly radioactive and has no known biological or industrial use beyond that of research. -

Robert Lazar never pointed to any protocols or safety measures. Neither international, domestic or internal. Had Lazar touched element 115, he would have been exposed to radiation. Without safety measures, Lazar would quickly get seriously ill.

2018 safety protocol example:

2005 Radiation Safety Journal:

1988 report on radiation protection and safety:

Radiation sickness is damage to your body caused by a large dose of radiation often received over a short period of time. Radiation sickness is serious and often fatal. With severe exposure, signs and symptoms can begin minutes to days after exposure. Possible symptoms include: Nausea…


Peter Wikvist
Peter Wikvist
Mar 12, 2023

I think Lazar got his nine saucers/hangars from private pilot Kenneth A. Arnolds 1947 experience. Arnold claimed to have seen "nine shiny objects" in the air. He described each object as circular, about 100 feet across, and with no discernible tail:

I also think that Lazar got his three engines from the failed Canadian/USA project "Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar" The Avrocar had three engines:

I also think that Lazars claim about Zeta Reticuli could come from "Project Serpo", an alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Details of the alleged exchange program have appeared in several UFO conspiracy stories. Linda Moulton Howe, who would…

Peter Wikvist
Peter Wikvist
Mar 27, 2023
Replying to

Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary star system. The pair is separated at 0.06 light-years or 3,750 times the distance of the Earth to the Sun. We can see the two stars separately with our unaided eye as they shine between the 5th and 6th magnitude. A debris disk was observed in Zeta 2 Reticuli by the Herschel Space Observatory in 2010. However, It was later found out that it was merely a matter of confusion in the background. No extrasolar planets, or planets outside the Solar System, have been found in this star system. -

The following is from a Wikipedia article:

Zeta Reticuli has no known extrasolar planets. In 2002, ζ1 was examined at an infrared wavelength…


Feb 08, 2023

Stephen Coonts wrote a science fiction novel titled "Saucer". It's a fun read. The similarities to Lazars story is ridiculous. Have to think Coonts and Lazar researched the same source material.

Feb 12, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the info! I'll check it out.

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