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More association charts mapping the UFO scene

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Here are more association charts (see my previous post in this series for the first set of charts). These are being continuously updated. If you spot any inaccuracies in them, or want to suggest any new connections, please let me know.

Please note again: these charts are NOT meant to imply a conspiracy or that the people and organizations involved have common interests or goals. These charts are simply meant to map the UFO scene and aid further research by helping to keep track, in a concise format, of which people have corresponded/been associated with (in whatever capacity) other people. These charts were made using the Lucid app.

The Skinwalker Ranch saga:

Updated 10/30/2022 to include Joe Firmage, USWeb and Motion Sciences (a venture that he undertook with Brandon Fugal). Download the image by clicking on it or clicking here. Updated 8/27/2022 to show link between Travis Taylor and UAPTF. Updated 5/29/2022 to include Jay Stratton (who is probably "Axelrod" in "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon"), Radiance Technologies, Bryan Bender of Politico, Kirsten Gillibrand and Andre Carson; changed AASWAP box to highlight that it was nicknamed "AATIP"; added extra box to represent the separate initiative by Elizondo that carried on the "AATIP" name but was not the official AAWSAP; added OUSDI (Office of Under-Secretary of Defense & Intelligence).

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is the subject of longstanding UFO and paranormal lore since it was acquired by its now former owner Robert Bigelow and its sale to real estate mogul and TV personality Brandon Fugal (though there is apparently some uncertainty over whether Fugal owns or merely administers the property). It is reputed to be the location for many strange and supposedly inexplicable occurrences, involving everything from UFOs to electromagnetic anomalies to interdimensional dinosaur-beavers and werewolves. Many people in the UFO scene have been involved with Skinwalker Ranch in some manner or other. It is the subject of multiple books and a TV series on the History Channel called "The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch", which is currently in its third season.

The David Jacobs/Emma Woods/Robert Bigelow/MUFON saga:

Download the image by clicking on it or clicking here.

David Jacobs is a historian and alien abduction researcher who is not a medical practitioner or mental health care professional in any capacity but who took it upon himself to engage in all kinds of shenanigans involving hypnotic regression to "uncover" alien abductions. His hypnosis sessions, especially with Emma Woods, displayed spectacular ethical breaches, including a request for Woods, while she was under hypnosis, to send Jacobs her underwear. Jacobs' supporters have performed mental gymnastics to defend him and have even tried to shift the blame onto Woods, a peculiar reversal of the standard trope prevalent within ufology about those with power exploiting and abusing witnesses to extraterrestrial events. MUFON and Bigelow have been the beneficiaries of Jacobs via the sale of confidential abductee interviews. Long story short: Bigelow bought these files with cash and without the consent of the patients. For a detailed exposition of this disgusting saga, see Jack Brewer's "The Grays Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community".

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David Webb
David Webb
Oct 27, 2022

Well done. I realized some of this the second Travis started referring to UFO as UAP, first season of SWR. There is no UFO organization or media the government is not involved in... operation mockingbird on steroids…

Nov 04, 2022
Replying to

I wouldn't go that far. The government doesn't have to be involved in everything.

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