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Sludge Report #2

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Supposed ex-CIA operative John Ramirez is touting "aristocratic bloodline" narratives that he's connecting, bizarrely enough, to the National Reconnaissance Office, which is in charge of America's spy satellites. He claims that the mission patches of NRO launches reveal evidence for a "reptilian" agenda (

Note this part of his slides:

Now WHERE have we this before, hmmm? It wouldn't have any relation to David Icke's stories about Reptilians and royal bloodlines and one world government and the Illuminat/CFR/Club of Rome/Bilderbergers, now would it? Perish the thought! This is "informed speculation". But it is odd, surely, that if there is an all-powerful global conspiracy, the conspirators seem to keep advertising themselves and thereby making it easier for the populace to detect them.

In related news, Jason Reza Jorjani has a new book out titled "Close Encounters", which deals with UFOs. Now, I'm not fully cognizant of all the controversies surrounding Jorjani and his take on National Socialism, Nazi Germany and so forth. He claims not to be a supporter of white nationalism (he's called it a "bankrupt ideology and extremely destructive"), though his critics accuse him of smuggling themes and motifs that were promoted by Nazism as a way of bestowing a pseudointellectual veneer onto the latter. Jorjani denies this, for whatever that may or may not indicate. In a spirit of open-mindedness and not wanting to reflexively jump on a bandwagon against Jorjani even if he is repeating Nazi ideas, I'll say that I'm willing to grant that the Nazis may have had some ideas that were not total trash (even if their reasons for upholding those ideas were total trash); I will even venture that it's conceivable that there were ideas unique to Nazism that were not total trash, and that it's possible to extricate those ideas from the toxic and evil container in which they came packaged. In other words, promoting or agreeing with a particular idea that the Nazis had is not automatically synonymous with promoting Nazism per se. I have also found myself intrigued by a Jungian-style proposal developed by Jorjani for the Gray aliens, in which they are seen as archetypal premonitions and warnings about the future loss of our humanity from technological encroachments (please note that I don't credit everything he says in the following video; I just find the Grays-as-archetypes idea interesting and plausible. I don't think that there are actually Grays, that humans will become Grays, or that they are time-travelers from the future. I am willing to adopt a Jungian take or something like it on the Grays, though without any of Jorjani's mystifications and pseudoscientific drivel that he hangs onto ideas about aliens):

Absent more research on Jorjani's overall politics and philosophy (though it's not looking good so far), I won't accuse him of being an outright supporter of racial fascism, though he did kinda help set up the AltRight Corporation with Richard Spencer (to his credit, he has since disowned that organization, though he continues to be associated with Arktos, an alt-right aligned publishing and media outfit which publishes works by the fascist writer and philosopher Julius Evola, among other fascists and white supremacists), and he has promoted fringe ideas (including ESP and Atlantis) that are popular among many white supremacists and right-wing esotericists, and he has said things like the following (this is from his essay "Against Perennial Philosophy"):

The Arab-Muslim invasion was bad, but once this was compounded by the genocidal Turkic and Mongol conquests of Iran, a demographic shift took place that deprived Iran of the genetic basis for the production of a Hegel, Nietzsche, or Heidegger. Such men are less than one in a million, even in a genetically pure Aryan population. But their thinking goes on to impact millions in the broader intellectual culture of their nation. Now, I’m not saying that for this reason Iran will never produce thinkers on this level again. With the emerging technologies of embryo selection and genetic engineering, it would be possible, with the right leadership and government planning, to restore the pre-Arab and pre-Mongol genetic character of the majority of the Iranian population within only one or two generations. I’m sorry to have to suggest that this might be necessary in order to Make Iran Great Again.

Here we have clear racial and genetic essentialism, in which genius is being casually ascribed to a racial category (in this case, of the "Aryan" type), coupled with allusions to Nietzsche and Heidegger, two philosophers who were often touted by the Nazis and are today regularly touted by neo-Nazis and white supremacists (this of course does not negate whatever legitimate contributions they made to philosophy; it is only to note that there is substantial overlap in Jorjani's thinking with that of many unalloyed racists and fascists). Jorjani is big on the Promethean themes of Nietzsche - indeed, the Promethean namesake appears on the titles of two of his books - which find resonance in much fascist literature, though I again hasten to add that Nietzsche's philosophy, whatever its shortcomings, should be studied on its own merits and should not be automatically tainted with the fascist brush, as perhaps it has been, on occasion, by critics of fascism. Much of what Nietzsche said does indeed have some scientific merit, based on my own limited readings of his material, and his musings on morality should be studied seriously because some genuinely interesting insights do accrue from them, though they should certainly not be religiously revered in the way that "might makes right" fascists and racists are wont to do (enthusiasts of Nietzsche who oppose fascism claim that said fascists and racists have distorted his position beyond all recognition, but that's beyond the scope of this essay). I'll also mention that I don't oppose Promethean themes as such (if by "Promethean" one simply means humanity striving to transcend certain bounds hitherto imposed on it by nature, such as the gravitational pull of the Earth when exploring outer space, though I vociferously oppose any enterprise that crushes individual dignity and human rights in furtherance of god-like aspirations). But as one commentator has noted, when all the literary coincidences are added up (and, I'll also note, when Jorjani just happens to keep showing up in the damnedest places), one does have to wonder about his philosophy. The above excerpt also has something of the feel of Hindu-Aryan nationalist and Nazi adherent Savitri Devi's Hitler-as-avatar and Kali Yuga motifs. So, judging by the recurrent overlaps with fascist ideology and his own, it's not hard to see that there's something problematic, at the very least, going on in Jorjani's thinking. But check out this snippet from the blurb of his latest book about UFOs. It's a real whopper:

Now WHERE have we heard this before, hmmm? It wouldn't have anything to do with neo-Nazi takes on man transcending himself and tapping into cosmic forces and his racial essence being infused with a drive to advance the victory of Aryans and to fulfil his historical mission, would it? Or of esoteric truths and lost gods and lost great civilizations and Ancient Astronauts, right? Or of the scientific establishment concealing great truths from us because these institutions are serving the agenda of those who keep us shackled from our rightful heritage, surely? Perish the thought! This is a serious book that "examines every aspect of the complex Close Encounter phenomenon through all of human history" and its revelations are shattering! In fact, they're so shattering that society won't survive a proper reading of it.

I don't know if Jorjani has finally gone off the unambiguously deep end, but "civilization on Mars" from "250 million years ago"? I mean, really? This is Richard C. Hoagland tier bullshit.

If anyone is interested in getting a detailed and scholarly account of the racial undertones of a lot of cosmic, UFO and Ancient Astronauts mythology, I recommend the following books:

Black Sun, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, 2003.

UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens: What Science Says, especially Chapter 9 (Praying to Aliens), Donald R. Prothero & Timothy D. Callahan, 2017.

Returning to an item in my previous Sludge Report, you might recall this tweet by Luis Elizondo (

Someone on Twitter mused that the term "storm" is an appeal to the QAnon crowd. Certainly, the term has become prevalent in the QAnon movement, with allusions to a populist "storm" that will supposedly sweep Donald Trump back into power against the wishes of the Biden-aligned "deep state". If this is indeed what Elizondo was coat-tailing, then it's a troubling development.

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